Why Hire Contractors?

Many employers see contracting as simply a temporary solution until a permanent hire is found, helping to bridge shortfalls in staff numbers and manage short-term growth.

There are many other advantages to taking on contractors. Here we explore the numerous values contractors can bring to a company in all shapes and sizes, and how they can benefit businesses, particularly within the IT sector.

  1. Reduces time to hire – quick interview and onboarding process
  2. Saves costs – no holiday/sick pay, reduced overhead costs, controlled staffing budget
  3. Less risky than permanent hires – no need to make redundancies, flexible workforce
  4. Upskills team – bring expertise to the business and train team members
  5. Helps to complete critical business projects – inject expertise into those projects that are running behind and achieve project deadlines

In the current economy, many companies have started to rethink their hiring strategies, especially in the accelerated industry of tech. By using contractors, your company will have more flexibility, save expenses, have access to a larger spectrum of skills and test the waters with tech positions and talent.

Has your company considered jumping on the trend and leveraging contractors? Or do you need additional guidance on entering the world of using contractors?

Realtime Recruitment has a compliant, contract recruitment process. We give peace of mind to our clients when they need to hire Contractors. With our insurance backed IR35 Assured solution, we can guarantee that IR35 regulations are met, and that the contractors are working compliantly. This doesn’t come as an extra cost, it is a service we offer to make our clients life easier. Realtime removes the liability and risk from our clients – therefore making Contract Recruitment more appealing.

If you would like to hear more about how Realtime can help with hiring Contractors please reach out to our Contract team today!