Feedback: CEO of a Managed IT Service Company

Overall Satisfaction

I am extremely satisfied with the recruitment service that Realtime Recruitment has provided to our company. We have built up an excellent relationship over the years.  Their dedication to understanding our business needs has led them to present excellent candidates that have blended in well with our existing team.

Candidate Quality

Realtime has worked hard to build a comprehensive understanding of our business and the quality of candidates that we require. They are aware of the changes in the industry, both globally and locally. We cannot fault the quality of the candidates and tend to interview the majority.  


The level of communication received is tailored to our needs, not overbearing yet there is availability if ever required.  Realtime are very quick to react to challenges, queries or issues that occur during the recruitment process.

Consultant Feedback

Chris Butler is an excellent Account Manager, his level of understanding of not just our business but the industry as a whole is reflected in the lengths he will go to get the appropriate candidates that will best suit our business.  Chris takes accountability for the candidates that he presents, offering a competent and confirmed opinion that we as a company have come to trust and rely on.

How do we compare to other Recruitment Companies?

Realtime’s commitment to understanding the tech business both globally as well as locally gives them the edge compared to other recruiters.  Their commitment to vetting candidates before sharing them with clients expedites the process, which is invaluable to our business.

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