Why Outsource Recruitment?

Today more than ever, it is vital that employers can demonstrate that they can offer a healthy working environment and a positive employee experience when attracting talent. Good employers today ensure that from the moment a candidate sees a job vacancy and makes initial contact, through to their eventual recruitment and working relationship with the company, that all points of contact with the employee reinforce the message that their company is somewhere that talented candidates will strive to work. The independent research below illustrates how the end-to-end journey taken by a candidate can be significantly influenced – positively or negatively – depending on perception.

  • 83% of professionals research the company before applying for a job.
  • A bad interview experience can influence the opinion of 80% of candidates about a company, even though they may have had a good opinion of them beforehand.
  • In turn, 87% acknowledged that a positive experience can change their opinion.
  • Companies that invest in the candidate experience improve the quality of new recruits by 70%.
  • Employer branding has a significant impact on the talent selection process, according to 75% of industry professionals.
  • Only 22% of human resources managers believe they have managed to create a unique experience.
  • Bad employer branding increases recruitment costs by 10%.

It pays to ensure that your company creates a positive brand image to attract the best candidates. Having a trusted experienced partner to take the time and effort to give potential candidates a positive first impression of your company from the first interaction, through to candidate placement, will pay strong dividends for the quality of your future team. 

* Source: Glassdoor, LinkedInDeloitte and Harvard Business Review.

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