Time to Hire: Save Time by Hiring Contractors!

Over the past year, by far one of the biggest pain points I have heard from clients is ‘time to hire’. It is taking far too long to get the right people on board, and as such it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep projects running to timeline. In some instances, from the time of a new requirement opening to when a new employee gets started, it is taking more than 6 months.

This problem will only be exacerbated by the introduction of prolonged notice periods (i.e., 3 months and longer) that are becoming commonplace. It seems that employers are introducing these longer notice periods to reduce attrition rates, which will likely have some effect. However, when someone has decided that they want to leave, there is very little point in keeping them for another 3 months. The only real impact here is on new employers! They are left waiting for 3 months for someone to start a new role.

What’s the Solution?

IT Contractors are the perfect solution to this problem. In general, contractors are available at 2 weeks’ notice or less. This is a drastic reduction in the time to hire when compared to the timelines outlined above.

Contractors are experienced IT professionals, who have amassed a wealth of skills and knowledge throughout their careers and have chosen to apply these skills as a Consultant/Contractor, as opposed to the more traditional permanent employee route.

This experience allows them to hit the ground running when joining a project or a team. Most of the time, Contractors will bring niche skills that are specific to the project requirements to cover skills gaps. This also allows for the upskilling of existing team members.

Contractors have shorter notice periods, industry experience, and well-developed skillsets meaning they are available and can be onboarded in timeframes that are significantly shorter than a permanent hire.

To summarise, with contract hire, not only do you get the skills you need in a shorter time frame than making a permanent hire, but you also get a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that can be used to upskill and cross-train existing team members.

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