Best Practises for Remote Recruitment

Lockdown has brought many new challenges, one of which is how to continue hiring when it’s not possible to meet with candidates face to face. Remote interviewing may be new to both recruiters and candidates alike, so what are the best practices?

Benefits of Remote Recruitment

Firstly, there are some clear benefits of recruiting remotely:

  • Accessible – Interviews are more accessible to more candidates and clients, ensuring you see as much of the top talent as possible. It also takes less time compared to interviewing in person, therefore interviews that may have taken 1-2 weeks to accommodate both parties now take days as there is no travel time with more flex in peoples diaries.
  • Comfortable – Interviews now take place from home. This allows the candidate to feel more at ease and able to express themselves better than sitting in an unfamiliar environment, and the client able to make a quick assessment from their home.
  • Record – With the candidate’s permission, you can record the interview so that you can look back once you’ve made a shortlist. You can then share the recording with other stakeholders in the organisation who may be involved at a later stage.
  • Get ahead – By using the latest technology, you can ensure that you can get the very best talent in front of you for interview. Many barriers that you may have previously encountered such as location, logistics, or timing are gone, ensuring you can accommodate everyone on the interview shortlist.

One obvious drawback however, is that candidates may not get to experience the actual place where they will be working. You can combat this by making a video tour including snippets of staff talking about their experiences within the Company, and your organisations values.

Things to remember when interviewing remotely

Communication and preparation are vital to successful remote interviews. Communicate the process and expectations early on so that the candidate can prepare the tools that they’ll need. That may be video calling software or something they might need to prepare and then share their screen.

Things you should remember to communicate:

  • Who will they be meeting?
  • What should they prepare?
  • What tools or software will they need?
  • Will they need to share their screen?

Remember, not everyone will be fortunate to have a strong internet connection. It’s important to be understanding of the added pressures of remote interviews, technology can fail and unexpected interruptions are sometimes unavoidable.

Using our Realview software, clients can have candidates answer pre-set questions that are recorded and can then be discussed in a face to face video interview.

This saves valuable interview time and ensures that clients are only interviewing quality candidates.

Ask us about how our RealView software can help you do this.

It pays to be creative, as mentioned before, creating a short video tour of your office space will look impressive and show that you’re thinking of every aspect of their new role. Utilising various aspects of pre-interview technology such as a solo interview will show that you are open to finding the best solutions with the latest tech.

Can we help?

RealView is our advanced all-In-one video recruitment platform that allows you to easily consolidate your recruitment efforts into one place:

Candidate Shortlists

Consolidate your candidate shortlisting process with their CV, recorded interviews, legal and identification documents all in one place. All securely protected.

Live Interviews

Quick and easy on any device. No downloads, signups or logins required for any candidate. Meet prospective candidates in a professional environment, record interviews and share with your team.

Solo Interviews

Allow candidates to record a solo interview in their own time using some of your first stage interview questions or have one our recruiters ask the questions on your behalf. Available on any device, streamlining the process for both you and the candidate, ensuring you only bring forward candidates who have sufficiently impressed you with their video answers, saving you and candidates time to ultimately get the best result.

Get in touch if you think this could be a game changer in your remote recruitment.
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