7 Ways to Move Up While on Lockdown

Lockdown might not seem like the best time to try and move up the career ladder. However, the free time that comes with it can be used to great effect. You can use this time to reflect on your career path and upskill to place yourself in the best possible position to move up.

Here are some of the ways you can use your time effectively:

1. Improve your CV – first, freshen up your CV. It’s important to keep your CV up to date, but when was the last time you spent some time on a full CV audit? Think about what is most important to your current career path and focus attention on your latest accomplishments, relevant responsibilities and even awards. Think about the layout, is it aesthetically pleasing? Is there anything more you can do to stand out? Check out this quick video of our top tips on improving your CV.

2. Improve your remote interview skills – you might be confident in interviews, but remote interviews are new to almost everyone. You’ll need to get used to talking to a camera and handling any communication issues that come with not being in the same room as someone. Stage a practice interview with a friend or family member. You have one added advantage, you can prepare some notes to glance at in case you get stuck, so prepare these in advance.

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3. Upskill – with extra time on your hands, you have the opportunity to learn new things and expand upon current knowledge. You might even get some new points for your CV. Online learning is easier than ever and there are endless sources. Udemy is one such source and has a wealth of knowledge on everything you can think of, from in-depth technical learning to basic skills such as the Microsoft Office suite. Webinars are another great way to gain the insight of industry experts. There have never been so many webinars available as there are during lockdown, so take advantage.

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4. Learn more about your industry – knowing about the industry in which you work can aid you vastly in knowing where to direct your career energy. What is up and coming, and what is going nowhere? Take time to find out where you should go next and you can get a head start.

  • Podcasts are a good place to learn about your industry and where it’s going. They’re often hosted by industry experts and will give you an invaluable insight. You can see some of our favourite tech podcasts in our Upskilling During Lockdown blog.
  • Industry publications include in-depth, well research insights into the tech world and where it’s going. Some of our favourites include TechRadar Pro, IT Pro, and Wired.

5. Find your virtual mentor – finding someone who has progressed to a point in their career that you would like to reach to guide you on your path is one of the best ways to progress. They’ve already travelled the path and jumped through the hoops so can show you the way. It allows you to find answers to your questions directly. Many people will be happy to mentor you, it not only gives them some satisfaction from giving back and sharing their knowledge and experience, but allows them to say that they’re a mentor, which can help them in their own careers.

6. Network – networking is important at any time, but lockdown brings the added advantage of free time. Spend time connecting with people and expanding your circles of influence. Join some groups in your industry space and engage in conversation. You never know where it might take you.

7. Talk to a recruiter – a recruiter has the advantage of having industry knowledge and the contacts to open doors that you might not even have known existed. RealTime specialise in the tech sector and the tech sector alone, so we know it inside out. Get in touch for some advice on progressing your career, or better yet, leave the whole search up to us!

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