Tech Trends & Predictions (Q4 2021)

Tech trends and predictions

We are in contact with amazing people on both sides of the recruitment process from all corners of the technology industry. Here are some of our predictions:

Colm O’Mara

“With the focus on Hybrid and remote working models due to the pandemic, Cybercriminal gangs have recognised that a lot of security measures currently in place are ‘not fit for purpose’ as they have been an afterthought rather than security-by-design. I think everyone have seen some well documented Cyber attacks over the last year which have caused both financial and reputational damage. With this in mind, we have seen a sharp increase in the demand for Cyber Security Consultants across all levels which in turn is going to drive salaries up.“

Frankie Maxwell
Recruitment Manager (USA)

“On the data science side, I’ve seen a huge increase in demand for experience with Deep Learning Algorithms like convolutional neural networks. The advent of computer vision and the real-world applications of it mean that candidates who solely have experience with Linear regression and Decision Trees etc risk getting left behind as companies search for “Cross Functional” Machine Learning engineers.

I would advise senior candidates who want to keep abreast of industry trends (and junior folks who want to get a head start) to gain exposure to Deep Neural Networks, be it CNN, MLP or RNN.”

Lorraine McGrath
Team Lead (Dublin)

“Market is busier than ever for Software Developers in every language. I have never seen it so busy. It is a candidate led market and developers have their pick of companies. I am starting to see more and more companies hire contractors in the interim while looking for permanent resources.

Golang is becoming increasingly more common among Irish companies and Rust is one to watch.”

Gary Seery
Senior IT Recruitment Consultant (Dublin)

“75% of candidates I’m currently working with will likely receive multiple job offers thus the demand on the market at the moment.

Similar to most verticals, the Data & Architect market has never been busier. Having been talked about for so many years, I’m finally seeing a large interest in the Data Science & AI/ML area with a number of clients now on the lookout for candidates with strong programming & data analysis skills.

Over the past 12 months there has been a substantial demand for Senior Architects albeit from a variety of backgrounds in the likes of Development & Data. It appears most organisations are looking for these experienced Architects to help bridge the gap between Senior Management & Production Teams.

Moving forward, I don’t see any signs of slowing down with a big demand for Data Science & Senior Architects however with a return to office imminent for most companies, I do expect to see far more talent on the market as a result of companies not offering a work from home option.”

Dan Gough
Senior IT Recruitment Consultant (Belfast)

I’m experiencing a lot of demand for ‘Agile’ software project + product management skills. The industry is moving away from ‘traditional’ skills/roles (Project Manager, Business Analyst) and towards Agile skills/roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner etc).

I have also noticed that salaries are increasing across the board. Private sector companies are prioritising diversity and inclusion, actively encouraging diverse candidate shortlists and reporting against this – particularly in senior and leadership roles. My prediction is that these trends will maintain for the foreseeable future.

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