Jake Bainbridge

Jake Bainbridge

Meet our Realtimer Jake Bainbridge! 👋 Jake is our Belfast IT Recruitment consultant.

What do you do in Realtime?

I specialise in Data recruitment.

What inspires you to come in (or log on) everyday?

The positive impact I can have on others motivates me to come in everyday. Also, I love what I do and get to speak to new and exciting people on a daily basis. Plus, I get to see Big Dave’s smiling face when I look up from my screen lol.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

This is by no means a fun fact, however, I always feel a strong indicator of how fun someone is, can be based on their Tesco meal deal choices. So here’s mine and you can all judge how fun I am lol – Deli meat feast baguette, Fanta and a Wispa gold.

Can you describe your career journey so far?

My career journey so far has had a diverse range of roles. I started out working for Leeds Trinity Students Union, where I was responsible for overseeing student activities and more importantly, mental health services. This led to my desire to work in and around education which I did when I started my sales career working in the SaaS space providing EdTech solutions to Universities throughout the UK & Ireland.

Then after several more years in the SaaS industry working for international organisations in the IT space, I found my role at Realtime. However, as you can tell from the photo, my dream was to be a lollipop man.

What is the best thing about working at Realtime?

Job satisfaction and fulfilment have to be the best thing about my role at Realtime, you can help positively impact somebodies life by providing them with a new opportunity.

Regardless of whether somebody is looking to progress their career, get back into work or has recently lost their job, we work alongside such a diverse range of people that no two days are ever the same. Also, the team here are great to, offering so much support and knowledge and genuinely making you feel of value.

What is one piece of career advice you could give?

Not every role/job you are in has to be a career. You can fall in and out of love with your job, colleagues and companies but in every role there is something positive that you can take onboard to grow and develop as a professional and a person. So look for the positives in what you are achieving and the right role won’t pass you by.

Advice for someone who wants to work in recruitment?

If you have a genuine passion for working with people, and are willing to put in the hard work to have a real sense of job satisfaction then DO IT!

Advice for someone who wants to work in tech?

It is never too late to start, there are plenty of platforms and learning environments that you can use to develop your knowledge and skill set.

Use your colleagues or friends/family who are potentially in tech roles as a source of information on the relevant tools and tech and potential pathways. The possibilities within Tech are endless, there is no better time to jump on board.

Get in touch with me:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 2895 211 121
LinkedIn: Jake Bainbridge