Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Role: IT Recruitment Consultant.

Specialist Areas: .NET & Test.

My Background: Started my career in retail over ten years ago, where I quickly moved into management. In that time, I have sold, supported and merchandised different product types.

Where my passion really lies is with people. Providing great opportunities for people to develop their skills and facilitate them taking new opportunities. Recruitment was always a huge part of my job and a huge source of satisfaction. Working in a technology-based retail environment allowed me to develop my technological acumen to better support my colleagues and customers alike.

Education:  I attended Bangor Grammar School and have a Retail Management certificate.

Hobbies: Outdoor activities – hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, golf, football, and any other sport! Movies, books, video games and music.

Get in touch with me:
Phone: +44 (0) 2895 211 121
LinkedIn: Chris Graham