Anika Todd

Anika Todd

Meet our Realtimer Anika Todd! 👋 Anika is our IT Recruitment Consultant in the USA team.

What do you do in Realtime?

Infrastructure, DevOps, and Security.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I am fluent in four languages and visited 29 countries.

Can you describe your career journey so far?

I started my recruitment journey at Realtime over a year ago, before I worked as a news reporter in Ukraine, a VIP tour guide in Norway, a Chocolate tour manager in Scotland, and a retail manager in Northern Ireland.

What is the best thing about working at Realtime?

The culture, opportunities to learn, and uncapped commission.

What is one piece of career advice you could give?

Continuously invest in your personal and professional growth through learning and skill development, and don’t be afraid to take a leap by pursuing job opportunities that offer greater potential for growth and development.

Advice for someone who wants to work in recruitment?

If you have a genuine passion for helping people, a keen interest in technology, excellent communication skills, and an empathetic nature, and you desire the freedom to control your earning potential, then recruitment is the perfect fit for you.

Embrace the fast-paced and dynamic environment where you can truly thrive.

Get in touch with me:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (781) 583 3625
LinkedIn: Anika Todd