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At realTime, we have been matching exceptional candidates with the best companies throughout Ireland since 2005. It is our aim to offer in-depth and up to date market information and expert advice to the companies that we work with and the candidates that we represent. As such we have complied The Ultimate IT Recruitment Guide.

In this guide, you will find in-depth analysis of the IT Job market throughout the past year and a synopsis of global trends that effect the IT space. Throughout 2016 and during the beginning of 2017, economic factors such as Brexit have influenced companies and candidates alike. The outlook for Ireland is one of growing positivity for attracting IT talent across the globe as the only English speaking country in the EU and home to 9 out of the 10 top IT companies globally. In addition to this, the market is being shaped by technology innovation and new roles are being created around these advances. The consensus is that the market is busier than ever before which provides ample opportunities for IT professionals but equally causes a highly competitive market for talent. In our guide, you will find an outline from realTime on how to engage with and attract the best IT talent on the market in addition to measures to take for retaining your best employees. We have also included the findings from our candidate survey which provides insights on candidate behaviour and their expectations of a job search. Participants included IT Professionals from a wide variety of industries who are currently operating in Ireland.

Our guide further breaks down the technologies and sector which we operate in and each of our expert consultants have weighed in with their predictions for the year ahead. We have also provided salary and day rate information for all levels of experience and roles in the IT space that serve as a guideline for industry rates. These rates have been compiled from the realTime Database as well as our consultants’ experience placing candidates in these positions over the last 10 years. We hope that you enjoy our guide and that it provides you with some food for thought for your recruitment strategy in the year ahead.

Should you have any queries or would like any additional information on the details in our guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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