Working with a Recruiter?

Working with a Recruiter?

Let’s face it, some recruiters can be given a bad name. This can be caused by frustrations from dealing with recruiters who are inexperienced or those that are not personally invested in helping you with your job search. Do not lose faith. It makes a huge difference when you work with a good recruiter who can develop your CV, expand your options and work out the nitty gritty details when you find the right job. Here is our guide to finding a good recruiter and getting the most out of working with them.


Let’s start with the basics. Recruiters have access to market insights, high profile contacts and roles that may not be advertised anywhere else. Don’t be afraid to ask them how the market is for people with your skill set. Is it very competitive? Are there more jobs in certain regions than others? What is the average salary that current opportunities are offering? These details will give you some perspective on what kind of salary range to expect and whether the area you want to work in is the best in terms of maximising your options.


Once you have an idea of the market and the current roles available for your skillset, make sure and be clear on what you want moving forward. An informed recruiter will be able to sell your profile to the best of their ability so share all the details that are important to you moving into a new role. Are you looking for a step up from your current job? What Salary and package do you want? What kind of company culture do you thrive in? Knowing the answer to these questions will enable you to be decisive when evaluating the positions that your recruiter has available. Do not be afraid to ask for any tips on improving your CV, a good recruiter will be able to give you advice on maximising and targeting the information you put on paper.


Did you know that you can also ask a recruiter to target certain companies for you? If there is a company that seems to tick every box but they do not have any vacancies advertised, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hiring. Tell your recruiter the places that you would love to work and they can get in touch with the Hiring Manager to see if they would be interested in your profile.


Now the important part. At this stage you should be well informed on what roles are available to you, what kind of salary to expect and the area that you want to work. It’s time to authorize the recruiter to send your CV and get a timeline for when you will have an answer on your application. The roles may have just gone live and take a week or two for the hiring manager to get back on or maybe the job has been advertised for several weeks and the process could move as quickly as a couple of days. It is important that you touch base with your recruiter either way to discuss where you both are in regard to the process. Recruiters can be an invaluable asset to any job seeker and the best part of it all is that this service is completely free so make sure to get the most out of your job search. Get in touch with us for more tips and help with your next career move - 01-6520652.

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