What questions to ask in an interview – without sounding cliché

What questions to ask in an interview – without sounding cliché

Asking questions throughout an interview is very important for a candidate trying to impress. The questions you come up with will give an indication of your interest, your drive and your personality. Try your best to make the interview a discussion, rather than a monologue – this will leave the interviewer with a clearer impression of your character and how you would fit in in their office.

If you are ever asked a question that you don’t know the answer to, whether its technical, product based or market based – do not try and bluff your way through it. An answer like – “admittedly, I don’t know an awful lot about that. Can you explain it to me?” is your best option here. This demonstrates honesty and an interest in learning.

At the end of an interview, you will always be asked if you have any questions. Only ask questions that you are genuinely interested in the answer to – examples below.

Where do employees usually move to from this position?
What do you find the most challenging part of this role?
Why has this role come about?
How many live vacancies are there at the moment?
How would you describe the culture in your office?

When the interviewer answers your question, make sure to comment on their answer and try and relate to it. For example;

Q. How would you describe the culture in your office?

A. We have an open-plan, friendly, energetic and honest culture. We value trust and support and we try and ingrain that as best we can in our employees

Comment: That’s great, the culture in my current office is very similar. It’s an environment that I really enjoy working in, I love bouncing off of my colleagues’ energy and getting support/advice when issues come up. It’s good to know there is a similar energy here!

It is always best to avoid discussion of salary in an interview. If you have specific questions in relation to salary, benefits package or company code you should go to your recruiter or the company's HR department with these questions ahead of accepting your offer.

Finally – when you are at the end of an interview and have asked all of your questions, don’t forget to finish with a parting word to leave your final lasting impression. This should include;

Thanking the interviewer for meeting you
Expressing that you thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and seeing the offices
Emphasising in as few words as possible why you think you should be offered this position – Example: “After speaking to you, I am sure that I am the right fit for this role. I have the necessary experience and I will work very hard to succeed in the position if it is offered to me.”

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