How Successful Hiring Managers secure Top IT Talent

How Successful Hiring Managers secure Top IT Talent

Be clear about what you’re looking for
Having a clear job description and person specification will ensure you waste no time in reviewing irrelevant CV’s . Be clear on the “must haves” versus the “nice to haves”

Be nimble
If a great candidate CV hits your desk, be prepared to move fast. You can bet your competitors will.

Streamline your interview process
Many companies have cut down from a traditional 3 stage interview process to a one step process where all decision makers meet the candidate and form consensus on the same day

Technical Testing
Ask candidates to complete any technical tests prior to face to face interview stage to save you time 

Working Interviews
If you have a candidate who is immediately available for a contract role, there’s potential to ask for a working interview to get a real feel of how they’d perform in the job, and the all-important cultural fit

Define the hiring process
Once you know the process and how long it will take, you can set realistic expectations both internally and with your potential hires.  Knowing who needs to approve at what stage process is key, the last thing you want to do is lose a great candidate over a slow and arduous internal process.

Be Transparent
Be clear with the candidate about what the job entails and the expectations once they’re in the role i.e overtime, travel.  The less “surprises” there are at offer stage, the more likely the candidate is to accept and stay!

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