Careers fairs….a Recruiters perspective

Careers fairs….a Recruiters perspective

When the 10th career zoo descended upon us there was a real air of excitement in the office as realTime would be attending for the first time. With multinationals such as Twitter, Zalando, Pramerica, Amgen, Citi, Uber, Ericsson, Accenture and Fidelity in attendance it was sure to be a packed house. It was a great opportunity to meet some very talented job hunters, network with world class businesses and increase our own realTime brand awareness. The slogan for Career Zoo is connecting talent with opportunity and that sums it up exactly.


From the moment we arrived at the conference centre there was a buzz about the place and people were lining the streets outside waiting for the doors to open. With a quick glance around the venue you could see all the different companies present and it read as a who’s who of the technical world- we were definitely in the right place! Each stand had their own unique decorations to draw attention and ultimately attract punters for an engaging conversation. We decided to go for 10 realTime branded helium balloons strategically placed around our perimeter. Needless to say we definitely stood out!! However we couldn't have known how much attention we would draw. As soon as the doors swung open our staff were heavily engaged with eager job seekers keen to know about the opportunities in the market and where they might be able to fit in. I met people from all levels of experience and ages. To say all 10 of our staff in attendance were heavily engaged in conversation for 7 hours is an understatement. There was literally no time to sip a drink as queues formed around our stand. It was absolutely brilliant to meet such a high level of talent face to face and see how we could help them.


We met people from the newly graduated to very experienced managers looking for senior appointments. From my own point of view working in the development market, I happened upon some excellent Java developers who were looking for exciting new roles which was music to my ears. Everyone carried a card with their electronic CV and with a quick swipe on our PDA machine, we would have a copy. It was a very efficient system. With the amount of footfall approaching, the system was working well and I estimate we collected over one thousand CVs. The fact that no other recruitment agency was in attendance meant we had the pick of the bunch.


Aside from the main interactions between companies and potential employees, there was a jam packed schedule of panel discussions, workshops and talks with leading industry figures. It made for impressive reading with senior management from Accenture, Fenergo and Prudential all making contributions.


As the afternoon wound down we still seemed to be very busy and meeting new people all the time. The icing on the cake for me was meeting a developer I had helped move over from Poland and find a new role. He introduced me to his wife and told me again how happy he was with his new role. Hearing that is probably the best perk of working in Recruitment so good feelings all round!


From realTime’s point of view it was an extremely enjoyable and successful day. At the time of publishing this article we are in the process of placing talent we met at the event in new roles. That is what it is all about. 

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